Buzzy Bee Primary

Each week in the Primary Assembly, a Class of the Week is chosen. A mystery teacher looks for the class that is being safe, responsible, respectful learners during the assembly. When chosen as Class of the Week, students will have an extra member of class for the week, Buzzy Bee. The SRC came to the decision for the Class of the Week to have their photo taken with Buzzy Bee. Buzzy Bee gets to see and participate in the activities that Class of the Week are involved in.


Buzzy Bee spends his week with 3B

Buzzy Bee enjoyed his week opening and reading our Pen Pal letters. 3B students have just recently started writing letter's to their Pen Pals and enjoyed decorating the envelopes. Buzzy Bee also learnt how to touch type on the computers during research task time and learnt about different temperatures in the different states of Australia. We hope you had a great week with us Buzzy Bee!  

Buzzy Bee with 4W

This week buzzy bee will joining us at sport to play soccer. He will be a good addition to our team and will probably strengthen our defence by playing at fullback. He will also be helping out in science while we investigate the packaging for biscuits... we hear he likes monte carlos, yum!


Week 2

Term 2

Buzzy Bee spends his week with 5/6T

Buzzy Bee with 4W

This week in 4W Buzzy Bee was extremely busy helping us prepare for Easter. He was participating in Easter craft as well as some Easter poetry. He even got the chance to play a game of dodge ball with 4W. 


Buzzy Bee enjoyed his week with 3B this week.

TT with Buzzy Bee!

Buzzy Bee spend his first week back with 4M