Curriculum Information

Curriculum Information

Mudgee Public School is a combination of a wonderful heritage school which prides itself on innovation. It seeks to be a lighthouse place of learning embracing current best practice in education.

At Mudgee Public School students are presented with a challenging curriculum and are encouraged to work to their potential. Our programs aim to create stimulating experiences in all Key Learning Areas and to develop strong independent learning skills.

The key learning areas of the Primary Curriculum are;

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science

Amount of Time spent on each Key Learning Area


National Curriculum

Ask Michelle for a brief blurb to put here about new curriculum implementation. 

For more information about what your child will be learning through the new curriculum click here

Download a parents guide to the NSW Primary Syllabus by clicking on the picture below.

Where to get more information about the Curriculum at Mudgee Public School

  • Front Office guides
  • Teacher
  • etc