Debating, Public Speaking and Tournament of the Mind (TOM)

Debating, Public Speaking and Tournament of the Mind


Mudgee Public has been actively involved in both "The Western Challenge" and Premieres Debating Competition. This year we have achieved success in our Zone - winning 2 out of 3 debates in the Western Challenge. This involves schools from all over the central west. 

Public Speaking

Mudgee Public participates in the Multicultural Public Speaking Competition and the local annual Roger Wotton Public Speaking Competition. Both Stage 2 and Stage 3 students have achieved excellent results in both local and regional competitions. 

Tournament of the Minds (TOM) 

Mudgee Public has built up a strong reputation in this creative and challenging extra curricula activity. In 2014, teams performed in both Language Literature and Social Sciences disciplines, with the Social Sciences team winning the Regional final and going on to perform at the State Final at the UNSW.  Again, this happened in 2015, with Mudgee doing well at the State competition.

 In 2016, three new teams have recently completed the challenge over the first 6 weeks of Term 3. Teams involved 3 Year 5 students and 4 Year 6 students who worked together to plan, script and create costumes to present a dramatic presentation to solve a question within one of 3 disciplines.

Teams for 2016 included:  the Language Literature team, the Social Sciences team and the Science and Technology team.  Children had to work during lunchtimes and after school, to prepare and create the solutions to the challenges. They also had to train for a separate problem solving challenge which required team work, creative thinking and problem solving.

Teams were led by Mrs McRae, Mrs Baddock and Mr Smith.

The Tournament of Minds competition for 2016

"Tournament of Minds exists to encourage the development of creativity and higher-order thinking skills in school students.  It promotes learning through exploring, hypothesising, experimenting and risk taking in response to stimulation challenges It relies on students contributing their energy, ability and skills for the benefit of the team."

On Sunday, August 28th, all members of the teams travelled to Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, to compete with other schools in the Western Region Finals.  All teams performed well, with the Language Literature team achieving Honours placing. Teachers and parents were very proud of the contributions made by all members.

The Tournament of Minds occurs annually and is open to all schools.  For further information, please check out the Tournament of Minds website.

We look forward to the challenges of 2017, which will once again be open for students, at the start of Term 3, 2017. 

In 2015 our Social Science Tournament of Minds team competed in the State Finals at the University of NSW in Sydney. Although not being the overall winners, our team performed very well and should be proud of their efforts.