Early Years Literacy and Numeracy

L3- Language Learning and Literacy - Kindergarten

In an L3 classroom students receive systematic, explicit and flexible instruction in reading and writing within small groups of three. Students also participate in carefully selected independent, individual or group literacy learning tasks that support this explicit teaching.

Each of our Kindergarten teachers is supported through professional learning to implement specific guided, modelled and independent teaching strategies.

L3 - Language, Learning and Literacy - Stage One

Students in Stage One participate in small group reading lessons designed to meet their specific learning needs. These reading lessons are guided by the teacher. During this time, students are also engaged in independent, individual or group tasks to practise and consolidate their literacy learning. Students in Stage One participate in comprehension activities during reading to demonstrate understanding, make connections with their background knowledge and give and justify opinions.

During the writing process, teachers use shared texts and experiences to guide students in how to write. Teachers explicitly model and guide text construction and language features before students are asked to write independently. 


The Targeted Early Numeracy Program (TEN) complements the regular numeracy programs in our K-2 classes.

Teachers have been trained in developing a class program which incorporates short, focussed  and frequent opportunities designed to increase the speed and accuracy of students in numeracy.

Children engage with activities that are stimulating and fun either individually or in small groups. Teachers have undergone training to identify specific learning needs and structure their class programs according to the needs of their students.