Our fully equipped library is a comfortable and inviting learning space. All classes have designated Library lessons with a trained Librarian.
Library lessons are conducted for Infants and Primary classes. All Infants children must have a library bag before borrowing is allowed.
Senior pupils are selected or may volunteer to help in the Library when it is open.

In addition to the Library being open for lessons, it is also open from 1.40 pm to 2.00 pm every day.


Hall Hire

Our School Hall

Our School Hall

Mudgee Public has a wonderful school hall which is regularly used by various community groups either as a one off booking or on a regular basis. Bookings can be made through our school office and the 2009 rates for hiring the hall are as follows:

$11.00 per hour including GST
$22.00 per night including GST
$55.00 per day including GST
$22.00 key deposit

$88.00 cleaning fee if the premises are not left as they were found

It is important to note that the hall is not available during school holidays.

When hiring the hall a “Hall Hire Agreement” needs to be signed and the insurance policy needs to be sighted.

School Oval

Mudgee Public School is blessed to have a magnificent playing field. Large enough for all students to play their respective games and well grassed, ensuring a safe environment for all. The quality of the oval also allows sporting teams to train correctly to enhance their skills and develop greater enjoyment from the sport. It also allows the school to provide a fantastic venue for whole school activities such as cross country carnival, ball games carnival and Christmas Carols as well as quality outdoor education activities that are involved in KLAs such as Physical Education, Science or Mathematics.

Sporting Infrastructure

Interwoven throughout our fantastic grounds are specialised sporting facilities to assist in the development and growth of our students. 3 Cricket nets, a full sized basketball court complete with backing boards, netball court markings, portable netball posts and newcombe ball nets all help our students not only improve their skills but develop of love of having an active lifestyle.


Mudgee Public School is very fortunate to have two large Colas (Covered Outdoor Learning Area), one in the primary and one in the infants. These wonderful facilities allow our students to have a constant dry environment no matter what the weather dishes up. Whether it is a wet weather recess or an assembly in the height of summer these structures ensure that our students are protected and safe from the elements.

Play Equipment/ Sandpit

Situated in the infant’s playing field are two wonderful facilities that are loved by all who use them. Firstly we have a covered sand pit, meaning that even on the hottest summer’s day; our students can dig, build and create to their hearts content. Once tired of this the children can move to our covered play equipment. Again no matter the weather the children can climb, slide and swing until “the cows come home”.

Computer Room

One of Mudgee Public School’s modern advances is the computer room. Enough computers for each child in a class, linked to both the internet and intranet, where students can learn technology skills necessary for modern life. Also, an Interactive White Board, connected directly to the teacher’s computer so all students can easily see demonstrations and lessons, fast tracking their learning. We are also very fortunate to have a class set of 32 iPads and 26 Lenovo Tablet Computers that teachers can use with their class.

Support Unit

Mudgee Public School offer classrooms designed for children with special educational needs either physical, intellectual or both. With specially trained staff and whole school inclusion children with special needs are valued and respected. To learn more click here.