History - Introduction

History - Introduction

Mudgee Public School began in 1855 and since that time a proud tradition has developed. 
Our plan is to further enhance this tradition.  
We trust that you will assist us in our endeavours.
Mudgee Public School is in the Warrumbungle District of the Department of School Education.
The district is headed by a School Education Director who is based in Dubbo.
Our school provides many opportunities for its students and enjoys the support of the parents of the students and the Mudgee community.

NAME OF SCHOOL:         

Mudgee Public School

Was this the original name?        Yes
Have there been any variations?

  • 1855 – March 1881 Mudgee Public School

  • 1st March 1859 – The District Model School of Mudgee
    Mistresses of Girls’ and Infants’ Departments were appointed. One of the major aims of the school was to train pupil teachers for service in the Western Areas of the State.

  • March 1881 – December 1907 Mudgee Superior Public School

  • January 1908 – July 1916 Mudgee District School
    The school became a District School because of the increasing number of Secondary pupils and the fact that it continued to train pupil teachers.

  • August 1916 – March 1925 Mudgee Public School

  • April 1925 – March 1926 Mudgee Public and Demonstration School.

  • April 1926 – March 1985 Mudgee Public School

How did it get its name?

From the town of Mudgee.  Mudgee is an aboriginal word which means “nest in the hills”.


Photo of Mudgee Public c.1900

Photo of Mudgee Public c.1900