At Mudgee Public School we strive to provide students with the opportunity to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. We run a number of programs to help our Kindergarten students develop academically, socially and emotionally.

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Home reading and learning tricky words will continue to be a priority. The children are going very well with these and as we listen to children read we are very excited by the progress they are making. Parent helpers are still most welcome.
Reading level 5 text independently and demonstrating the ability to understand what is read is the goal for the year’s end for Kindergarten students. Many students are beyond this level and reading fluently and comprehending at the higher levels continues to be the focus.
Word strategies for unknown words are as follows;
Breaking words into syllables
Reading on and returning to see what makes sense
Finding small words in a word
Knowing endings ed, ing er, etc
Saying it slowly (sounding it out)
Asking questions about the story or getting your child to re-tell the story in their own words assists comprehension.
Our story writing and spelling will continue with the emphasis on writing words and stories of increasing length and complexity. We will speed up the writing process and develop the independence of the children as writers. Children satisfy Early Stage One requirements when they can independently write two or more sentences with minimal assistance.

In English this Term our Kindergarten students have been develop-ing their understanding of the concept of ‘Character’ by reading and viewing texts on pirates. We will be holding a Kindergarten Pirate Day on Friday 4th November to celebrate the completion of this unit. A note will be sent home soon with more information.


These are the target outcomes for Term 4.
Counting to 30 and beyond: Giving the number before and after/ stating if a number is more or less/ the difference between numbers/odd and even numbers.
Reading numbers to 20 and beyond
Writing numbers to 20 and beyond
Adding and subtracting up to ten and beyond (the ability to work out sums in our head and not count from one is the focus)
Sharing items into even and uneven groups
Making and recognising patterns with increasing complexity
Identifying shapes, making graphs and measuring