Our Canteen


We are developing our "cook from scratch" initiative further in line with the Healthy Schools Canteen Policy. The policy is targets the issue of childhood obesity. Public school canteens in NSW are now required to meet the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy outlined by NSW Health and follow the Nutrition in Schools policy.

Information on this new policy can be found at healthy-kids.com.au

Our summer menu for Term 4 2019 looks great. You can access the menu on line. Click here for a copy of the menu.

A lot of work has been done to align our menu with the Healthy Foods Canteen Policy that all public schools must now follow. All foods are categorised into “everyday” and “occasional” food choices. We have plenty of healthy lunch options to be introduced in term 4 including chicken and apple slaw wraps and freshly made quiche.

Thanks to Tracey and our team of helpers in the Canteen. Through their commitment we are able to offer a great canteen service at our school. However, our Canteen is very busy.  To keep up the great service to our children we would love some more volunteers, so if you have any spare time even for an hour,  your assistance would be much appreciated. Please contact the P&C via email to mudgeepublicschool@pandcaffiliate.org.au or drop into the canteen and have a chat with Tracey.