Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Mudgee Public School offers a range of opportunities to participate in Performing Arts;

Band -Junior and Senior

Percussion Group - Primary

Rock Ensemble - Primary

Choir - Infants, Junior and Senior

 Dance - Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3

Mudgee Public School Bands

Band Coordinator-  Mrs Liesel Meers
Band Conductor- Antony Featherby

Mudgee Public School has a comprehensive band program, including a Senior Band and Beginners Band. Students participate in a band rehearsal each week and play at events such as weekly assemblies, special assemblies, eisteddfods, community events and various concerts.

Students who are interested participate in instrument suitability tests generally in Year Two or Three to provide information about the instruments they are potentially most suited to play. All students participating in this program are expected to have private music lessons for their instrument.

If you child is interested in participating in our school band program please contact Mrs Meers at the school.


Junior Band

Students who wish to participate in Junior Band can either arrange to have a blow test (generally run near the end of each term) or have chosen the instrument they wish to learn and have begun private lessons with their new instruments.

Students need to attend lessons for one term and practise regularly so that they are ready to begin bringing their instruments to school on Mondays for Junior Band at 2.30pm – 3.00pm.  When they have progressed enough it will be suggested that they begin attending Senior Band and playing at Assemblies and other school functions. 

Senior Band

The Senior Concert Band has been running as an integral part of Mudgee Public School for many years. Mr Featherby and Mrs Meers have been working on this program together since 2005 and have taught around 200 students in the band program during this time.

The Concert Band rehearse each week and have sectional tutorials throughout the week. This program teaches students how to be an effective member of a band and specific band craft. All students must have music/instrument teachers outside of school to learn their instrument.

Our students have been involved in the annual Mudgee ANZAC Day Ceremony since 2006. They play with members of the Mudgee High School and Mudgee Community Bands.

Every second year we take the Senior Concert Band go on Tour. The base camp is somewhere in NSW. Local schools in that area are visited and the band perform a variety of music. This tour often includes a small choir and Senior Dance Group. 

Percussion Group

The percussion group is open to any primary age student at our school. They are asked to make a commitment of at least a term so any songs they learn can be performed to a high standard.

The group began many years ago with one of our talented teachers, Mrs Jan Heading, sharing her extensive musical talent and knowledge and organising the purchase of our magnificient instruments. This work has been continued since her retirement by Mrs Morley, who uses original songs written by Mrs Heading's late husband and former casual teacher at our school, Mr Noel Heading.

The Percussion Group meet each Wednesday in the Infants' Hall to learn and practise songs. The main instruments include large metallophones and xylophones along with glockenspiels, chime bars and other untuned percussion instruments as needed.

In the past the group have successfully performed at the Gulgong Eisteddfod, school presentation assemblies and regular weekly assemblies.

There is no cost involved to be part of the group unless travelling for the Eisteddfod.

Rock Ensemble

A small number of students are selected to work with Mrs Meers to form the Rock Ensemble. Students are selected from the band program, the choir program, as well as the guitar students who are taught by Mr Bob Burns each Friday here at Mudgee Public School.

The Rock Ensemble play modern and classic Rock/Pop songs, from AC/DC to Pink to Pink Floyd and Sia. It includes music from all eras to ensure all members of our audience are entertained!

This is an exciting new program which encourages student creativity and performance ability! 

Advanced Singing Group

The Advanced singing group is led by Mrs Meers. The group meet during a lunchtime each week to learn singing techniques and new songs. This group participates in Eisteddfods, performs at school assemblies and concerts and also has the opportunity to perform at The Schools Spectacular which is held at Qudos Arena in November each year.


A strong choral program for students from K-6 is offered.

  • Kindergarten- Weekly singing sessions
  • Infants Choir (Years 1 and 2)
  • Junior Primary Choir (Years 3 and 4)
  • Senior Primary Choir (Year 5 and Year 6)

These choirs are open to all students who are interested in participating in Eisteddfods and other competitions.

Infants Choir (Stage One)

Stage One Choir is a mixture of 52 Year 1 and 2 Students. A large number of students volunteered to be part of the Infants Choir. Early in Term 1, trials were held with all students who volunteered so that teachers could reduce the group to a manageable number.

The choir is conducted by Mrs Nicholls. Students practise on a Tuesday afternoon. During this time, all other students are participating in singing. Students in the Stage One Choir are working towards performing at a future PBL assembly.

Junior Choir (Stage Two)

The Junior Choir involves children in Years 3 and 4.  There are 75 children who volunteered to be part of the choir and practise on Wednesday from 12:30pm until lunch time.  Sometimes keen children will meet with Mrs Wheeler during a lunch break to practise extra parts. The Junior Choir works on building up a 30 minute repertoire of songs so that at the end of the year they can perform at some local nursing homes. The Junior Choir are currently learning new songs for the Gulgong Eisteddfod in Term 2 (after the Naplan tests). This year the Junior Choir also hope to perform at the CLC concert.

Senior Choir (Stage Three)

The Senior Choir is a group of up to about 60 students who are interested in and enjoy music and singing. The program encourages students to work as a team but also gives individuals opportunities to shine and display their own talent.

This choir gives students skills to be able to sing more complex choral arrangements, including rounds and voice/harmony parts. The students enjoy the mix of exciting and more difficult choral arrangements as well as the new popular songs which are included in the song program.


Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

Stage 1.jpg

Mrs Donoghue and Mrs Lavender co-ordinate and choreograph the dance routines for the Infants Dance Group. They have been practising very hard in preparation for the Gulgong Eisteddfod.

The Infants Dance Group had so much fun on stage performing at the Eisteddfod.

Congratulations on all your hard work Infants Dance Group!

Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) 

Mrs Fletcher co-ordinates and Miss Holly Hill Choreographs the routines for the Stage 2 Dance group.

Twenty students meet on a Tuesday during 1st half lunchtime for dance rehearsal. The group have been learning a dance routine for the Gulgong Eisteddfod. 

Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6)

The Stage 3 Dance Group is co-ordinated by Mrs O'Brien and dance routines are choreographed by Miss Tanya from 'Dance Unlimited'. There are 20 students in the dance group. They have been rehearsing on Tuesday lunch times in preparation for this year's Eisteddfods. 

The students were lucky enough to have Miss Tanya choreograph this year's Eisteddfod routine to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift. The students competed at the Gulgong Eisteddfod in May and received first place! The adjudicator was blown away by their amazing talent! They worked so very hard and their confidence has blossomed. Mrs O'Brien was very proud of their performance and the dance was outstanding!

The group hope to perform their routine at other important events at MPS this year so keep an eye out for this talented group!