Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a school program offering special help to Year 1 students to become better readers and writers.

Students take part in Reading Recovery for twelve to twenty weeks.

A trained Reading Recovery teacher works with each child every day for 30 minutes. This individual support for the child is additional to classroom reading and writing lessons.

It is important that the child attends school every day.

Reading Recovery students are more successful learning to read and write when their teachers and parents work together.

After the first two weeks, the child will bring books home to practise reading. The parent will need to choose a time for the child to read to them. This shared time should be a happy part of the day.

The child will also bring home an envelope with a story that has been cut up. The story is the sentence the child wrote in their Reading Recovery lesson that day.

The parent can help the student by:

  • listening to them read the books
  • giving them two or three seconds to try and work out any tricky words then telling them the word if they can’t work it out
  • talking with the child about the books and story
  • letting the child put the pieces of the story together in order
  • asking the child to read the story back
  • praising the child’s work.

You can find out more information about Reading Recovery by contacting Mrs Smith or Mrs Leathem at school or by going to the following website: recovery.