Boys Soccer

Here at Mudgee Public School there are two soccer teams available for children to try out for; a boys’ team and a girls’ team. Both teams are entered into the Western Region Knockout Competition where they play games in a knockout format across terms 2 and 3.

Boys and girls from years 3 to 6 are able to try out, usually in term 1. Teams consisting of approximately 14 students are picked and train either at lunch times or after school, depending on the time frames and availability.

This year we had a specialist coach from Mudgee Wolves come in to assist the boys’ team and help them learn the finer points of the game.

If teams are successful in the first few rounds of the competition they progress to the Soccer Gala Day which is held at Glen Willow Sports Ground. Here the next round of knock matches take place until a winner has been decided.

In 2015 Mudgee Public School’s Girls’ Team made it through to the Gala day where they were unfortunately defeated in the first round. They did however go on to play 2 more matches during the day against other teams “knockout”. Many of the girls despite never having played soccer before, performed admirably both with their sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the game.

The boys were knocked out in round two of the competition so did not make it to the gala day. However due to some schools not being able to make the day, Mudgee Public Boys’ Team were invited to play at the day. They went on to play 3 games, being victorious in all 3. They too played in the Mudgee Public School spirit of fair play, sportsmanship and good fun. 

This year the boys’ soccer team were pitted against Cudgegong Valley P.S in the third round of the Western Knockout.

The game took place last Tuesday and resulted in a 1-4 loss. The boys were a little hesitant in the first half and were down 0-3 at half time. However they came out with a more determined attitude and ended up drawing the second half 1-1.

Despite the loss and subsequent omission from the competition the boys were asked to play in the Gala day the following Friday. They played 3 games and remained undefeated, beating Dubbo South 3-2, Dunedoo 2-1 and Cudgegong Valley B 9-0.

Throughout all the games during the week the boys played not only with fantastic effort but their sportsmanship and fair play were outstanding. The team spirit was very clear with the boys constantly encouraging each other to do well. They have been excellent ambassadors for the school and should be very proud of their efforts. Well done boys.

Chris North


Girls Soccer

This year the girls’ soccer team was drawn to play Cudgegong Valley P.S. in the fourth round of the Western Knockout, after several forfeits allowing the girls to progress.

Unfortunately the girls were defeated 0-2 but by no means should be disappointed. For many of the girls it was their first game of soccer and for some their first team sport, against a much more experienced team.

The team spirit, enthusiasm and enjoyment were on show and the girls matched their more experienced opponents for much of the game.

Despite being knockout of the competition the girls played another game against Parkes P.S. and again came up against a more experienced side. The game was very evenly matched, 1-1 until the last few minutes when Parkes scored the winner, Mudgee losing 1-2.

The girls can be very proud of themselves demonstrating sportsmanship, fair play and a real enjoyment of the sport. Well done girls.

Greg Young