Girls Softball

On Friday, 27th March, 10 girls travelled to Jubilee Oval to represent Mudgee Public School in softball.
The first game they played was against Cudgegong Valley Public School. Ally Henry pitched incredibly well taking two batters out, while Lily Smith caught extremely well at the other end. Ally Henry, Eloise Boland and Mariah Burnicle-Tavita took a hit to the outfield giving them each a home run. We won the game against CVPS 19-1.
The next game Mudgee Public played a fun game against a group of children from the small schools. Lily Smith pitched and Eloise Boland caught in the small schools game.
In the final game Mudgee Public played against Gulgong and we fielded first. Ally pitched excellently getting 3 outs making us change sides. We batted well and Ally got a home run, so did Mariah. The game was over and the score was15-3.
We will now go to Orange in May to play against Bletchington PS, Orange PS, Molong CS, Millthorpe PS, Ungarie PS, Calare PS and Gulgong PS.
Natalie, Lily, Allie and Eloise

Western PSSA Knockout Final 8 in Orange on Monday 22nd June

After three postponements due to bad weather and grounds being closed we finally travelled to Orange for the final 8 knockout. After finishing on top of the table at the first day of the Western PSSA Knockout in Mudgee the Girls’ Softball Team travelled to Sir Jack Brabham Softball Diamonds in Orange for the final day of the knockout. We entered the day on a high from winning all of our games in Mudgee quite convincingly and had trained hard, fine-tuning our fielding and batting skills.


Our first game was against Calare Public School and this game was a great start to our day! We batted very convincingly scoring four runs in the first innings and then holding Calare to only one run past the plate in their first innings. In our second turn at bat we scored a further eight runs taking us to twelve and we had 3-up 3-down, meaning the first three batters for Calare in their second innings were out in quick succession. In our third and final time at bat we scored a further six runs taking us to a total of 18 runs and we held Calare out only allowing one of their runners past home plate in the entire game! A fabulous way to start!

We met Orange Public School in our second game. This game proved to be a little more challenging with some tight innings between both teams. The girl’s fielded brilliantly with even a double play in the second innings by Ally and Lily – the epitome of team work and quick thinking. An absolute delight to watch! We defeated Orange Public School by seven runs with the final score being 10-3. This put us into the FINAL!!

With only nine players in our team able to travel to Orange (and nine players take the field) the girls were a little tired to say the least entering the final! Bletchington were certainly going to be our toughest competition for the entire Knockout. They had played well to make it to the finals and they had a squad of twelve, so the day hadn’t taken its toll on their team as much as it had ours. The girls fought extremely hard but Bletchington were far too good for us. They won the final convincingly 18-5. The girls were outstanding throughout the entire competition and I was very proud of the way they approached each and every challenge and congratulate them on receiving runners up in the Western Region PSSA Knockout.

Four of our players; Lily Smith, Ally Henry, Eloise Boland and Natalie Hibberd were selected in the Western Region Team to compete in the 2015 NSW PSSA State Championships in Wagga Wagga in August. This again, was an outstanding achievement! Three of the girls, Lily, Ally and Natalie made it to the competition and although it was extremely wet and muddy they had a fabulous time winning five of their nine games. 


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Nicci Henry (Ally’s mum) who has, over the past 19 years, given up her time to be involved in our Mudgee Public School Softball teams. Nicci coached our Girls’ Softball Team again this year working with each of our players to support them in developing their skills and confidence, as well as, fostering a love for the game!! With Ally heading the high school in 2016 this is the last year that Nicci will be working with our teams. Thank you Nicci for everything you have done this year to help with the Girls Softball Team and for all of your support and dedication over the past 19 years!!!

Michelle Neaverson-Smith

2015 Girls Softball Team

Boys Softball

On Wednesday 29th July the Boys Softball team competed in the Western PSSA Knockout Final 8 day held at the West End Fields in Mudgee. The team entered the day having won all of their games in the preliminary rounds and coming out on top of the Mudgee Competition.

Our first game was against Millthorpe PS. After a slow start, with Millthorpe arriving late to the fields, the boys played extremely well, both in the field and at bat. The combination of Dylan pitching to Lachlan Date was a good one and although the game was close at times, the boys came away with a convincing win with the final scoring being 8-4 to Mudgee PS. Lachlan Date batted well scoring 3 runs and Dylan and Beau both scored 2 runs each.

Our second game was considerably tougher again Cooerwull PS. They proved to be a very strong team and the boys found it more difficult in this game to get on base. After scoring 2 runs with our first at bat our second innings saw three-up-three-down. We went into the third innings with Cooerwull in front by 4 runs but we managed to get back 2 with Lachlan Date and Dylan making it past the plate.  Cooerwull scored a further 2 runs in their 3rd innings and this took the game a little too far out of our reach. The final score was 9-6 to Cooerwull.

We were now in the play offs for third against Calare PS. The boys had played well all day, encouraging each other and showing exactly what it means to be a member of a Mudgee PS team! The sportsmanship and effort put in by each and every boy was commendable. This game allowed us to try the boys in different positions and although we lost to Calare 10-4 the boys played extremely well.

Four of our team; Lachlan Dowell, Lachlan Date, Dylan Grant and Beau Robinson were invited to trial for the Western Team as a direct result of how well they had played throughout the days games. Dylan Grant and Lachlan Dowell were successful in making it into the team. Congratulations to all of these boys, as well as the rest of the boys who represented Mudgee PS with such pride in Softball this year. 


A HUGE thank you must go to Mrs Mel Date (Lachlan’s mum) who together with Maddie Date (Lachlan’s sister) and Tom and Georgia Christofis (Harry’s brother and sister) gave their time each Tuesday afternoon to train the boys. The skills and confidence of each of our players has grown as a direct result of the time and effort you have put in to work with them! And for this I say thank you!!

A very special mention and thank you must go to Jodie Edwards (Rogan’s mum) who scored throughout the day. This certainly helped to make my day much easier!!

Michelle Neaverson-Smith

Western PSSA Final 8 Knockout Team- Wednesday 29th July 2015