Support Unit



Support Unit

Riding for the Disabled

Riding for the Disabled began in Term Two. Students are developing a range of skills skills including balance, control and following instructions. 


LC has begun studying a new unit of work titled “Our Solar System.” Learning activities will include research of the planets, creating models of our solar system and understanding the scien-tific elements of space. This will also give students opportunities to develop a range of literary and factual texts and create art-work to make our classroom look spectacular! We have begun our child protection lessons. Students have been engaged in conversations about relationships, as we work towards a better understanding of positive relationships and interactions with others. As we get closer to Christmas, students will have the chance to cook festive treats and meals. Thank you for your con-tinued weekly $2 donation, assisting us to purchase ingredients for the students to cook with.


Class TT are completing a Unit of work entitled “Relationships’ and will be studying ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B.White , ‘ Why I love Australia’ by Bronwyn Bancroft and ‘Fox’ by Margaret Wild. We will be looking at the different relationships people have with those around them. We will also be continuing our study of British Colonisation in HSIE and ‘Smooth Moves’ in Science. Our cooking program will continue each Wednesday with Mrs Gregory, at a cost of $3 per week and students are reminded that they do not need lunch on these days. On Thursday mornings our physical education program will include movement and ball skills with a Year 11 PDHPE Class from Mudgee High School facilitating the sessions. A reminder that if you need to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s education, please feel free to contact your class teacher to make an appointment. 


Welcome back to another action packed term. We welcome a new member to our class, Bonni Clark, transferring from Kurri Kurri Public School.
In English, we are looking at Aboriginal Culture and Dreamtime stories. Students will be reading creation stories and gaining an under-standing of the spiritual connections with country that are so im-portant in Aboriginal culture. To tie in with our English unit of work, we are studying Understanding Communities for HSIE. The students will learn about the characteristics of a community and the contribu-tion they make to our society. We will also touch on multiculturalism and investigate a snapshot of some major world religions.
In Science, the students are investigating all things about heat. Through a series of hands on activities they will experience the transfer of heat. In Maths, we are consolidating the knowledge we have learned throughout the first three terms and using it in more everyday situations. A shop has been set up in the corner of our room so that we can practice our money skills. In Creative Arts, we are investigating the print making process; from simple fruit and vegetable printing to making individual artwork plates.
In PD/H/PE we will complete our Personal Safety and Child Protection units. Cooking will be every Tuesday. Please remember to send your child with $3 each week to cover the ingredients of the meals..


This term in English, students will participate in a literature unit around the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The unit will focus on attitudes, characters, feelings and the use of repetition to tell the story. Our text focus will be recounts. Students will learn and practise recounting and retelling an event that has occurred over the past week.
The focus in mathematics will be Number and Measurement, specifically Whole Number, Multiplication , Volume and Capacity and 3D Space.
Sport will continue to be on Wednesdays for all students in class SM. RDA continues on Wednesdays for those who are participating this term. Please ensure that students participating in RDA have long pants and enclosed, smooth soled shoes.
Creative Arts will be based around areas of focus each week. These include Pink Day and Halloween craft. Towards the end of the term, Christmas art and songs will become our focus area as we finish off the year.


Class MS had a wonderful first term of learning and growing together as a team. Our Literacy Unit this term is focused on Stories from the Indigenous People of Australia, with the key concept being Diversity of Cultures. In HSIE, class MS are exploring Australia, with focus on the Indigenous culture past and present and the British Colonisation of Australia. In Science, we are exploring and investigating the unit of work Beneath our Feet. This unit explores the different types of rocks and soils and changing landscapes on our earth. Class MS will continue our cooking program every Wednesday (mid-session), this is at a cost of $3- per week or $27- for Term 2.