Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Boy Captain

Hi I’m Lachlan Thyrd and I am astonished that I get to be the 2016 boy school captain at Mudgee Public School. I first came to the school in 2015 not knowing anyone but going through the year I made a lot of friendships. This helped guide me through 2015 to get where I am today. I would like to help all those people who come to Mudgee Public who don’t know anyone by guiding them through the year. I have also represented the school in many things such as Western Athletics, Zone Cross-Country, Soccer and Football.

At Mudgee Public there are four basic rules that are simple to follow. These rules are: Bee respectful, bee responsible, bee an active learner and bee safe. As you can see Mudgee Public School is a place we’ll always cherish and I know I’m going to enjoy my leadership role this year.

Girl Captain

Hello, I’m Emily Caspar and School Girl Captain for Mudgee Public School in 2016. I love Mudgee Public School because it has lots of opportunities for students that lots of other schools don’t have or do! I have been at Mudgee Public School since kindergarten and I have loved every moment of it. I have been lucky enough to be involved in horse sports, dance troupe, choir, public speaking and lots more. My friends and the staff at Mudgee Public School have helped me through my ups and downs and I can’t see myself anywhere else than Mudgee Public School!

MPS makes you feel very welcome with buddies. Every child in kindergarten gets a buddy from year 6 that for the first week of kindergarten spends morning tea and lunch time with them. They show them around the school and later in the year the year sixes do reading and learning with them. I can’t wait for all of my important roles for 2016 and I can’t wait to see you all at this incredible school!

Boy Vice Captain 

Hi I’m Chase Taylor-Lucas I’m elated to be voted 2016 boy vice-captain at Mudgee Public School. I’ve been at M.P.S for all my life (almost 7 years.) and I’ve met a lot of people and have gone to a lot of places and excursions. I play Soccer, Cricket, Football, Touch football and qualify for state running; national running. State cross country and national cross country. It’s so hard running in the nationals.

There are basic rules at M.P.S that are simple to follow. These rules are: Bee respectful, Bee responsible, Bee an active learner and Bee safe. I enjoy being a part of MPS community and I’m looking very much forward to setting a good example and being a leader as vice-captain of MPS.

Girl Vice Captain

Hello I’m Sarah Marshall and I am honoured to be school girl vice captain for 2016. I have been at Mudgee Public School since kindergarten and have loved every minute of it. I’ve been very lucky to have amazing teachers and friendly peers to support me and help me through my years at Mudgee Public. I have enjoyed participating in western swimming, zone cross country, the soccer team, dance troupe, tennis, choir, public speaking, debating and tournament of the minds. What I love about this school is it has plenty of opportunities to excel and participate in a wide variety of activities.  

Our school follows the 4 bees. Bee Respectful, Bee an Active Learner, Bee Responsible and Bee Safe. This encourages us to look out for one another, respect one another and provides us with values and self respect. At Mudgee Public School we are fortunate enough to have a support unit which enables us to interact with children with disabilities. I am also very lucky to have a buddy this year. Everybody in kindergarten receive a buddy to help them through the year. I like going and seeing my buddy and helping them learn. As girl vice captain for 2016 I am going to meet as many people as I can and be around to support all of my peers.  I hope to see you here at our amazing school.

 I was very fortunate to attend the Sydney Leaders Day at Olympic park. I had a lot of fun and learnt that everything big came with small steps. I liked all our speakers and enjoyed listening to them.  Sarah Marshall

Throughout the school year the Student Leadership Council (SRC) hosts various fundraisers and activities in our school. Check out the slideshows from some of our recent events.

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