Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Boy Captain

My name is Jamie Underwood and I am very grateful to be your 2017 boy captain at Mudgee Public School.

I have been at this school since Kindergarten. I felt very secure with my buddy who helped me through my first years of school as they guided me through to where I am today. I will help them by leading and guiding them through their first year.

I have represented MPS in many things such as Zone Cross-Country, Zone Rugby League, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Touch and Atheletics.

At MPS there are four basic guidelines that are easy to follow; Bee Responsible, Bee and Active Learner, Bee Responsible and Bee Safe. I know I’m going to love my leadership role in 2017.

Girl Captain

Hello. I’m Emma Thyrd and I am more than honoured to be Mudgee Public School’s captain in 2017. I came to MPS in Year Four and have achieved many goals.

I have been lucky to be involved in dance troupes, athletic carnivals, swimming carnivals, speak-offs, choir and many more extra-curricular activities.

My friends and staff at Mudgee Public School have supported me throughout my years so far.

MPS has lots of opportunities for students at our school that lots of schools don’t have. I believe MPS is a great school for anyone because it also has a Special Education Unit for students who need extra help. I am looking forward to my new role in 2017 and I hope I can help my school in any way possible.

Boy Vice Captain 

Hello, my name is Rudra and I am the new school vice-captain of Mudgee Public School. I came to Mudgee in Year Three.
When I was in Year Four I wanted to be on the SRC but I failed. My teacher was Mr Westcott. I was getting some awards but not good ones like ‘Student of the Week’. In Year Five, I finally became SRC in Term 2. It was fun being on the SRC

After my turn was over, I got a new teacher called Mr Harris. He was training to be a teacher. He then became a teacher for real but before he left, I got a note saying I showed skill in leadership and that I could go to Red Hill in Gulgong for a leaders’ day.

It was then I started to think about going for school captain but I was not confident about talking on stage so I went in a speaking contest called the Kevin Pie Speech Competition. I made it through to the second stage and everyone said I was good at speaking. In the end I came third but I lost to a Year Six student called Sam Roth from another school. I know him because he is in my cricket team.

I found out that I enjoyed speaking to a crowd and I got nominated for school captain. The speech I gave people really enjoyed and I became the new vice-captain which was funny because the old vice-captain was in my class as well.

Girl Vice Captain

Hello. I’m Rebekah Lowe and I am the school vice-captain for Mudgee Public School in 2017. Mudgee Public School has lots of opportunities that are fit for anyone. I love Mudgee Public School because it is a place where achievements are possible.

I started at MPS in Kindergarten and have loved it ever since.

I am lucky enough to be involved in the dance troupe, soccer team, tournament of the minds and many more carnivals. My teachers have helped me my whole time at MPS and it is a place I will never forget.

MPS welcomes Kindergartens with Year Six buddies. The buddies eat with them art lunch and recess until they become settled at school. The buddies always encourage and look after their kindergarten friends.

MPS is a place where goals can be achieved. I can’t wait for the year ahead.

Spirit of ANZAC Centenary Experience

Mudgee Public School travelled to Orange Indoor Tennis Centre on 14/03/17 to visit the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience. Unlike any other touring exhibition, the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience features genuine artefacts and historical stories placed within a fully immersive space. The Experience is open in only 23 locations across Australia for a limited time.

Mudgee Public Students were able to discover Australia's history of courage, service and sacrifice from the First World War to the present day. The admission was free and Club Mudgee was kind enough to fund the fee of transport for the day for 47 lucky students. Thank you for allowing them such an unforgettable experience.

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Throughout the school year the Student Leadership Council (SRC) hosts various fundraisers and activities in our school. Check out the slideshows from some of our recent events.

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