Teachers & Staff

At Mudgee Public School we have a caring committed staff who ensure that the best possible educational programs and opportunities are made available for our students. The staff enjoy working at our school and have formed a cohesive, hardworking team. 


Principal- Mr A Kerr

Deputy Principal- Mrs M Neaverson-Smith

Deputy Principal- Mrs R Rogers

Assistant Principal- Mrs D O'Hara

Relieving Assistant Principal- Mrs Julie Tito

Assistant Principal- Mrs T Tiffen

Relieving Assistant Principal- Mrs M Shearman

Relieving Assistant Principal- Mrs Bronwyn Wheeler

School Administration Manager- Mrs J Morton

Class Teachers:

Early Stage 1 

KB- Mrs Belinda Single

KH- Mrs Tamara Hargraves

KK- Ms Julie Kidman

KS- Mrs Melinda Shearman (Executive Early Stage One)

KN- Mrs Karissa Nicholls

Stage 1

1D- Miss Suzanne Donnelly 

1L- Mrs Pam Leathem

1W- Miss Jenna Wade

1/2C- Mrs Caitlin Lavender

2S- Mr Stephen Smith

2M- Mrs Belinda Morley

2T- Mrs Julie Tito (Executive Stage One)

Stage 2

3B- Miss Lara Altimira

3W- Mrs Bronwyn Wheeler (Executive Stage 2)

3C- Miss Teegan Collins

3L- Mrs Liz Liddle

4M- Mrs Annette McRae  

4C- Miss Ashlea Catt

4W- Mr Clint Westcott

Stage 3

5A- Mr Adam Coughlan

5C- Mrs Lisa Caligari

5/6B- Mrs Lynda Baddock

5/6J- Mrs Jen O'Brien and Mr Ben Harris

6M- Mr Peter McDonnell

6OH- Mrs Donna O'Hara (Executive Stage Three)

Special Education:

GY- Mr Greg Young

MS- Mrs Kim Sanders

MW- Mrs Kathy Walsh

LG- Mrs Lauren Gregory

TT- Mrs Toni Tiffen (Executive Support Unit)

Release Teachers:  Mrs Mel James, Mrs Liesel Meers, Mrs Stephanie Martyn

Librarian: Mrs Siobhan Vitnell

Counsellors:   Mrs Jaque Marchant and Mrs Adelle Bundgate                    

Specialty Staff:                 

Mrs Lisa Smith, Mrs Melissa James, Mrs Simone Holleman, Mr Terence Conroy and Mrs Ros Roser

School Administrative Officers:          

Ms Fiona Kelly, Mrs Christina Tuit


Mrs Lynne Danson, Mrs Jenny Walsh, Mrs Simone Taylor,  Mrs Glenda Clarkson, Mrs Lisa Kelly, Mrs Lisa Fowler, Mrs Rhonda Smith, Ms Janice Meers, Mrs Rachael Uryszek, Mrs Sam Webb, Mrs Laura Smith, Mrs Donna Consadine and Mrs Emma Turnbull.  

General Assistant                               Mr Dennis Webster and Mrs Dakota Dyke

Canteen Supervisor                            Mrs Kim Stubbs