Vegie Garden

Vegetable Garden

This Term we are developing the gardens down the back slowly. The students will be planting bulbs to come out in spring.  We will be looking at soil structure and digging weeds out along the fence.  We have discussed school nutrition policy and are working on programs for each stage to be discussed at staff meetings. A staff member will attend a workshop in Parkes regarding this topic.  Mrs Garnock and Mrs Sanders are working on Fundamental Movement Skills packs to make equipment easier to access for teachers. We have flagged September to do activities on fruit and vegie month to promote healthy eating. Stage 2 are dancing for Fundamental Movement skills in preparation for our DISCO this Thursday the 14th of May. Thankyou to Miss Woods for collecting donated fruit from Woolworths for our students and Thankyou to Rebecca Whittington for her continued support with Breakfast Club.  She has organised volunteer High School students to help some days with Breakfast Club. 

Bronwyn Wheeler