Year 2

Year 2

What's Happening in Term 4


This term students will be investigating the concept of Belonging. We will be using a number of quality texts to investigate how authors use characterisation and dialogue to engage the reader. One of the grammar/punctuation techniques we will be looking closely at is the use of direct and indirect speech in a text. Students will be asked to identify each in a text and taught how to produce texts using both techniques. One of the ways you can help at home is to encourage your children to point out speaking in a book they are reading. Look for the speech marks and ask them which character in the story is speaking and how do they know? We will be looking closely at the use of speaking verbs - words like yelled, whispered, said, screamed that you find when direct speech has occurred. SAID is not our favourite one, although it is the one that most children love to write in their own writing. If you are listening to your children read, ask them to find the speaking verb and have them read the direct speech exactly like the author has asked – whispered, yelled etc.


Many concepts we have already covered this year will be revisited including time (o’clock, half and quarter past and to), all four operations ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as a focus on problem solving activities.


Health Our Personal Development Unit this term includes Child Protection. The unit of study is all about forming positive relationships with a variety of people – friends and families and ways of staying safe. All families should have received the permission note regarding Child Protection studies. Only those families not wishing their students to participate in these lessons need to return the note. 


The unit focus for this Term is “All Mixed Up”. Students will be investigating mixtures of all kinds – where, how (safety), why and when we use them. We will be conducting a number of very safe experiments involving mixtures. Some of the very best mixture experiments the students can do, can be done in the kitchen (baking), bathroom( bubble baths) and craft (painting) activities.


The unit focus for this term is “ People and Places”. Students will explore places across Australia and the world. They will engage in activities that encourage them to describe connections people have with different places including factors influencing accessibility to those places.

Part of this unit involves a Speaking and Listening Assessment task to be completed in Weeks 3 and 4. Students need to make a presentation about their favourite place in Australia. For a copy of the assessment task, please click on the link below

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Music and art lessons will continue as they have for the first three terms. This term we will have a greater focus on specific drama outcomes as we will be preparing for our Stage One performance. The performance is “Pirates versus Mermaids”. While not all students will be have a speaking role, all students will be involved in performing in their class dance routine. As we did last year for the Stage One performance, we will have several students from each class in the speaking roles. Performances for parents and carers will be held on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December. Details regarding costuming will be sent home closer to the performance date. 

Swim School

Swim school for Year 2 will be held from Monday 14th November until Friday 25th November. For a copy of the permission/medical/asthma note, please click the link below. Swim School is suitable for most Year 2 students (students who cannot swim 25 metres freestyle with their face in the water, without stopping). All notes and money need to be returned to school no later than Friday 11th November.

Swim School note 

What to bring

Zoofari Term 3

Excursion to the Colonial Inn Museum

As part of our History Unit, “Changes in Technology”, we have been investigating how and why technology has changed. The fieldwork for this unit was a visit to our local museum on Tuesday 21st June. Students had the opportunity to see a variety of items from past in order to make comparisons with similar items in the present.

 Excursion to Red Hill 

Year 2 had a fabulous time at Red Hill Environmental Education Centre and were involved in a number of Science activities that explored push and pull forces. Activities included; tug of war, captain ball, parachute, a push/pull audit, floating and sinking experiments, designing a rocket and launching it and designing and testing a balloon car racer. Students worked in teams to predict, design, problem-solve, test and reflect.

2N & 2Y - June 2nd

Learning about ANZAC Day

As part of a unit of work around ANZAC Day commemorations, Year 2 walked to Robertson Park on Thursday 7th April. Students visited the Cenotaph and learned about the significance of the monument. During the visit, students observed the names that are listed on the honour roll of the Cenotaph and completed a sketch. 

Students in Year 2 have also completed a number of other artworks related to Anzac Day. You can find them in this gallery.