Year 2

Our Year Two classes have been developing their understanding of the textual concept ‘Characterisation’. Last week they looked at the characters in the text FOX by Margaret Wild. Look at some of their amazing creative responses!

This is a very exciting term for Year 2 as we embark on our long-anticipated Zoofari adventure. The students have all selected their animals to study and have already begun their investigations. This unit of work will culminate in Week 9 with a presentation for peers and families where students will dress up as their animal and present their animal facts. They will consider the nature of their animal, the way it moves and the sounds it makes to convincingly perform as that animal.



L3 will continue to drive our reading, comprehension and word work this term. Students will extend their vocabulary to target specific language suited to Descriptions and Information Reports. They will also understand 'who' they are writing for, in order to write more formally where required.


Students will continue to build upon previous units of work in Maths and will extend their ability to recognise and work with 2-, 3- and 4-digit numbers. The students will be multiplying and dividing using arrays and consolidating knowledge of fractions, whilst being introduced to 1/8 as well. A great way of understanding fractions could be to help in the kitchen, especially when baking cakes etc. Students are encouraged to wear a watch to school to help with telling the time, as we are working on digital and analogue clocks at school.


In Science and Technology, students will learn about the features of zoo animals, how to classify them and about their natural environments. Students will use a variety of resources to research, draft, publish and present their findings on their own animal.


In Geography, students will learn to identify animal habitats and describe the features of these habitats eg: rainforests, oceans, deserts etc. Students will identify continents of the world and use a map to show where various familiar zoo animals belong. Students will also develop their understanding of the relationship between the environment and people.

Visual Arts

Students will create a variety of artworks using a range of techniques linked to their Zoofari animal investigation. Artworks may include silhouettes, sketches, drawings and paintings. The artworks will be on display at the Zoofari presentation.


PD/H/PE Sport for Term 3 will include the following games and activities: Newcomb Ball, T-Ball, Rugby, Yoga, Soccer, Dancing, Softball and Ball Games. Students will continue to develop their Fundamental Movement skills in daily P.E. with particular focus on balancing, running, jumping, skipping, and hopping. During weekly Bounce Back lessons students will be developing their skills and attitudes to become more resilient. Units covered this term will be on relationships and thinking for yourself.