Year 3

Year 3


This term Year 3 will be working on Non-Fiction Texts. They will be looking at various texts to help them complete their work in Geography and Science. Some classes will also be watching BTN via the ABC website to keep up with the Nation’s and World’s current events.
As well as reading Non-Fiction texts Year 3 will also be taking an in-depth look at their School Magazines and completing Literacy activities based on the texts within their magazines.


This term in Mathematics, Year 3 will be continuing on working in their Maths Plus Textbooks. Parents could help their child by ensuring they are able to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s, as well as being able to use a 100’s chart to add two double-digit numbers.


Year 3 will be studying Features of Australia. This unit will include learning about different tourist attractions around Australia, why different areas have a different climate and what animals may be found in that area. We will also be looking at the conservation of important areas and animals within Australia.


Year 3 are studying the Plants in Action unit. We will be reading texts linked to this unit in class, also linked to our English Unit. Stu-dents’ beliefs about flowering plants will be challenged as they work through hands-on activities. Students will develop a sense of wonder and appreciation of plants as they investigate the processes of pollination and germination, the stages in a plant’s life cycle and environmental conditions that plants need for growth.

Dunn's Swamp

Because we unfortunately had wet weather when we were sup-posed to visit Dunn’s Swamp last term, we will now be heading out in Week 4. 3W will be going on Monday, 3B on Tuesday and 3M on Wednesday. We are all looking forward to this event. Teacher’s will be looking for a few parents to accompany the students on this excursion - if you are interested please contact your child’s teach-er.


This term for Sport, Stage 2 will be engaging in a variety of sporting activities. We will be learning how to play cricket, capture the flag, softball, tennis and volleyball. Students will be learning the skills of how to play these games and then playing group games with their class. During our Fundamental movement lessons we are focusing on ball games for our Ball Games carnival which will be held in Week 4.