Year 4


This term, Year 4 classes will be exploring the contextual concepts of narrative, connotation, imagery and symbolism using a range of literature including Tim Winton's “Blueback”. Students will be required to respond to and compose a range of texts that express viewpoints about the idea of personal and social responsibility for sustainable futures.


Topics to be covered this term include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as measurement and geometry, decimals, fractions, probability, statistics and data. All classes practise times tables daily to help with multiplication and division work, but it is also important for students to do these at home for additional learning. Students continue to use the online tool Matific to help with their learning. If you would like to know more about Matific, please speak to your child’s teacher.


Mr Harris will be conducting most of Stage 2’s Science lessons this term. Year 4 classes will be studying friction and motion.


This term, Year 4 will explore the climate, natural vegetation and native animals of Australia and Asia. They will examine the importance of natural vegetation and natural resources to the environment, animals and people, and learn about the ways people value environments.

Creative Arts

All Stage 2 classes continue to improve their skills and understanding in visual arts, music, dance and drama. This will culminate in the Stage 2 Performance in late August, and the CLC Concert in September.


Year 4 will be studying Child Protection as part of their Health unit. Students will also continue with the Bounce Back program – a program that helps students to develop resilience, improve their wellbeing, and teach them fundamental social and emotional skills. For Fitness, students participate in at least 15 minutes of Fundamental Movement Skills every day. Friday sport will see students participate in activities such as hockey, gymnastics, walking, soccer, softball and more.