Year 4

Year 4


In English this term 4M are looking at the features of Non-Fiction books. To help us with this we are studying a specific hybrid text, One Small Island, by Alison Lester. This text has a narrative element with non-fiction facts, presented in a very interesting format.
We are also linking our English unit to our Geography work, with discussions about how people use and interact with environments and how sustainable actions affect the future. Our class will study how the impact of humans on Macquarie Island caused massive environmental problems in the past, such as the introduction of foreign species. Students will also use specific geographic tools such as rainfall and temperature scales to help identify patterns of life within an environment.


As in previous terms, we will continue using the base text, Maths Plus, to develop skills in all areas. In addition, there are extra opportunities for advanced students to consolidate and extend their knowledge through the use of an extension booklet, containing a broad range of activities. Similarly, to help others develop stronger skills in particular concepts, small group work and specific examples, with hands-on activities, will be a regular feature of classroom work. In class, there are often many different maths activities occurring simultaneously to meet the varying needs of students.


In Geography, Year 4 students will be investigating how people value environments and how this influences the implementation of sustainable practices that protect environments. Students will focus on researching a National Park including how this site is being protected.


Throughout Term Four, 4G and 4W will be working on the 'Smooth Moves" unit in science. This unit is an ideal way to link science and literacy in the classroom, providing students with opportunities to explore forces and motion. Students will investigate how different sized forces affect the movement of objects.


This term for Sport, Stage 2 will be engaging in a variety of sporting activities. We will be learning how to play cricket, capture the flag, softball, tennis and volleyball. Students will be learning the skills of how to play these games and then playing group games with their class. During our Fundamental movement lessons we are focusing on ball games for our Ball Games carnival which will be held in Week 4.