Year 1

Year 1 

What's happening in Term 4?


L3 activities are continuing across Year 1 this term. The students are continuing to work hard at developing their comprehension skills. The unit of work that the students will be completing for this term is called ‘The Gruffalo’. It is based around the book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Students will be looking at characterisation and will be creating their own characters.


This term in Mathematics we will be looking at topics such as chance, coins, reading maps, rounding and multiplication. We will also be revising topics that have been previously taught this year, as well as continuing to practise oral counting and the identification of numerals.


Year 1 are studying the unit ‘Schoolyard Safari’. Students explore our schoolyard for different animals. Students observe the external features of small animals leading to a better understanding of how their features help them survive in their habitats. Through investigations, students learn how animals move, feed and protect themselves. They explore and compare the habitats of different animals.


The unit focus for this term is ‘Local Places and Spaces’. Students will be identifying natural and human features of the school grounds and local neighbourhood. They will also be looking at maps and learning the different types, uses and features.


Child Protection lessons will commence this term. The topics include: relationships, feelings, body parts, warning signals, safe and unsafe situations and saying no. This term for Sport students will be participating in dance, t-ball, yoga, gymnastics, soccer softball, soccer and various ball games. Stage One will be having a Ball Games Carnival in Week 9.

Creative Arts

This term Stage One will be focussing on specific drama outcomes as we are preparing for our end of year performance. The performance is titled ‘Pirates versus Mermaids’. While not all students will have a speaking role, all students will be involved in singing and performing in their class dance routine. Performances for parents and carers will be held on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December. Details regarding costuming will be sent home closer to the performance date.

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